Women today know what they want in life and appreciate the importance of taking care of themselves.  We want every woman to feel like that in pregnancy too, but the maternity rhetoric is outdated, focusing entirely on baby and we think it’s time that changed. 


Pregnancy is a big part of what it is to be a woman and while it can be a defining experience for many women, we know that it can also bring challenges that we shouldn’t be afraid to talk about.


Changing the conversation means being an active part of it.  We pride ourselves on staying at the forefront of what pregnancy and maternity look like today through the relationships we build and nurture with doulas, maternity nurses and charities that do life-changing work in pregnancy.


Whatever your pregnancy journey looks like, we want to see you, as the mother-to-be at the heart of this exciting experience, supported and celebrated so you can enjoy a positive pregnancy and begin to redefine yourself in preparation for this next chapter of your life.


More than anything, Bumpkyn is unashamedly about women and helping them thrive during this wonderful time in their lives.  Whilst our nightwear supports your bump, we support you.

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