So many issues that we experience with sleep start in pregnancy and carry on into the years that follow.  Our ‘nothing but nightwear’ approach ensures that this area of maternity clothing is no longer neglected so women can maximise on sleep at a time when their own wellbeing is vital for nurturing their little ones.

Our maternity nightwear collection is unique because it uses cut rather than stretch to accommodate the changing female shape.  Our pieces have been crafted with a pregnant body in mind, to keep you looking and feeling your best as you move through your second and third trimesters to full term and beyond.

We use the finest quality Italian fabrics that have been woven according to our distinct specifications and dyed in our own contemporary colourways. Finally, we finish each piece with pretty trims and details that don’t just look good, but are designed to support you and your bump in pregnancy and make breastfeeding easier. 

All our designs are rigorously tested on real mums-to-be at different stages of pregnancy so we know they’re perfect by the time they reach you.

Because we think that fit is a really important part of looking good and sleeping well during pregnancy, we want to see all pregnant women in the right size clothes.  Our team is always on hand to talk through sizing so it is easy to get you wearing the right size garment, fast.

 It’s time to start enjoying stylish maternity clothing both night and day.


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