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Charity Involvement - Kicks Count™

Bumpkyn is proud to support Kicks Count. 

Monitoring fetal movement during pregnancy is such an important subject and doesn't get highlighted enough in antenatal classes or by medical professionals.

Many stillbirths happen because there is a change in the baby's daily pattern of movement which is not reported soon enough to save the pregnancy.

Fetal movement can first be observed between weeks 15-24 and it is essential, therefore, for both Mums and Dads to learn and monitor it in order to be able to react quickly.

Here at Bumpkyn we recognise the importance of this, which is why we work closely with Kicks Count, a charity which aims to empower mums-to-be with knowledge and confidence about their baby's movements during pregnancy, to ensure healthy pregnancies and healthy babies.

Kicks Count have also developed an award-winning, free App which lets you record the pattern of movement by tapping the screen each day and observing it over time, which makes it a great tool.

In any case, if you instinctively feel something doesn't feel right you should immediately call your midwife or the maternity unit.

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Read our feature in the January 2018 issue of Absolutely Mama magazine:

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