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Luxury maternity pyjamas, nightdresses and dressing gowns



What do modern, professional women wear at night and at home when pregnant?

After all we spend so much time in bed anyway, and when the baby arrives we often don’t get a chance to shower before noon.

It’s perhaps easier to choose the daytime clothes when your body keeps changing, but even then it feels like you need to compromise on your day-to-day style.

Here at Bumpkyn, we have asked modern Mums how much time they spent in their nightwear while pregnant and then looking after a newborn and it was a staggering 254 nights on average! They all felt they had to upsize and improvise throughout and often stuck to their pregnancy nightwear until they were happy with their post-birth body.

Since having two children of her own, our Founder, Karolina Lewis has been on a mission to create a range of stylish and modern-classic maternity nightwear, pyjamas and dressing gowns, which last through your pregnancy and while you are nursing your baby.  They cleverly adapt to your changing shape, provide support in all the right places, and most of all – they make you feel beautiful.

At Bumpkyn, we source our fabrics in sunny Italy, where we have found a mill which weaves and dyes them to our specifications. We wanted our fabrics to have a more generous, luxurious weight without compromising the softness and draping. We have also picked trendy, easy to wear colours and prints ourselves.

The garments are all in small runs with a high-end finish – as expected by discerning modern Mums! We work with a team of friendly seamstresses in north London who put our designs together by hand.

We really hope you will love some of our signature features like the gem-like poppers, which open ever so easily when you breastfeed, and our over-the-bump pyjamas which support the bump like no other.


Enjoy stylish pregnancy night and day.


Team Bumpkyn


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