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Welcome to my Blog,
Are you pregnant or buying for someone who is?
Are you looking for something stylish and pretty - yet functional and lasting? Either way, you have come to the right place.
I am Karolina and I am a Mum of two. Well, three - if you include Bumpkyn...
When I was pregnant I found it impossible to find stylish maternity wear that would make me feel great, look beautiful and proud of my changing shape. I didn’t like the feeling of being ‘bandaged’ into clothes which didn’t grow with my bump –they just stretched over it. I had my children in my late thirties and just wanted something a little bit different in maternity nightwear.

At night, I struggled to make myself comfortable in (my husband's...) oversized t-shirts and skimpy nighties which were all too short as my lovely bump grew bigger…
I remember shivering with cold in the middle of the night as I fed my baby imagining having my shoulders covered for comfort. It was at times like these that I pictured my ideal maternity nightwear…

When the baby came, I was simply too busy to get dressed until quite late in the day and often had to improvise. I rushed to open the door to the postman piling on jumpers to look decent!  I wanted soft,  flattering, comfortable clothes I could live in night and (possibly) day while caring for my baby at home.
Then I decided to make them.
For everyone.
That's how my third child - Bumpkyn, came to the world!
I hope you enjoy the clothes.
Karolina x

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