The female touch

We are unashamedly about women, helping them to have the best possible maternity experience whether at home, asleep or nursing.

Pregnancy is one of the defining experiences of womanhood, regardless of background or story, so let's celebrate it.


'If I am spending a significant amount of time in my pyjamas I want to be comfortable and happy, but I'd also quite like to feel feminine and look good, this is a time to feel beautiful. These functional pyjamas are luxury with all the support you need '

Emma M


'Getting a solid nights sleep is vital when pregnant and sleeping in your partners oversized T-shirts is not the answer. 

I have switched to the Elizabeth pyjamas that feel wonderful against your skin, have a supportive band and gem poppers, which will allow for easy breastfeeding when baby arrives. 



Rosie Shephard


Like No Other

The collection is full of slick solutions to make pregnancy as comfortable as possible.

Gem poppers for quick and easy access for breastfeeding and cuddles.

Full, soft bump band in the pyjamas for night time support and faster recovery.

A gift for her

All nightwear is beautifully packaged and we can add a personal message if you are buying as a gift.

Make her wellbeing a priority.

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